Going stir crazy? Winter blues?

January in Wisconsin is the worlds longest month! Take some time to assess your daily activities. All too often we robotically move through the day not realizing those little choices become habits, habits become routine, routine becomes lifestyle and we’re left thinking.. how did I get to this place?

Kick the winter blues with so some quick tiny habit shifts.

1: Add TURMERIC extere easy way to add a natural mood booster, anti inflammatory and like truly 251 other great health perks. I’ve been adding it to my coffee… the one thing I NEVER for get about is coffee

2: Get outside! That fresh air is a magical soul reviver, bundle up and get out. The kids can get wild and messy and you can drink you turmeric coffee in peace as you watch them burn off the seemly volcanic energy that’s been brewing since the holidays.

Hike suggestions: January 29th at Lapham Peak, is the Candlelight Hike and Ski

3: Bust outta here- plan something to look forward to. A staycation at a hotel with a water park, Moms night at the pfhister, room service and Bravo.. or an actual vaca!!

4. Personal Development: Read your peace! Get an app for morning devotional/ meditation/ bed time reflection. I personal love the ABIDE app which is faith based, there is also CALM, and THOUGHT DIARY.

We become what we repeatedly do.

Life is the sum of the small decisions we make.. . so if we shift our habits we’re back in action!

Pick ONE thing to change. Let your brain absorb that addition and slowly add a few more as you feel ready!

Give yourself grace, this is uncharted territory sorta with todays climate of life but ultimately you’ve done hard things before and you’ve always lived through it!

We will make it through! Small shifts make a world of difference!!


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