Grab your bag and back away slowly...

How on earth do you prepare for all things baby, especially when it comes to exiting your house for the last time, knowing you'll be reentering with a plus one! Have things situated the way you'd want them to be upon your chaotic return will be bliss, thinking you'll get to it later is always a little risky. I think JUST handle it!

Where to start:

Simplify everything. Get rid of clutter, purge, pack, or donate, but if you don't need it in the next 3-4 months, then put it away ( this only goes for baby items) all other things that are not being used regularly, pack it away. Trust me, clutter will build up fast if you have unnecessary items out.

Create a tranquil corner for pumping, nursing, feeding. Make it cozy, have handy basket with snacks, water bottle, lip balm, phone charger, nipple cream, hair tie, remote control. Get everything ready so you can have a moment of comfort, rest, and healing.

Baby Changing Station everywhere. Save time but creating a diaper caddy, stock diapers, wipes, cream. Have a caddy in the living room, nursery, master bedroom and don't forget the car. This is a huge time saver. Also, this might help get the babies other half to pitch in pull their own weight on diaper duty. Bonus, if grandma and grandpa are watching the baby for a much needed date night, their not having to run all over to get the baby freshened up.

Freshen the bedding in your room. Coming home from the hospital you'll be thrilled to crawl back into your own bed. You'll be glad if the bed is prepped for luxury.

Stock the fridge with one handed treats and snacks, you're appetite will be unpredictable, with changes in sleep and feeding partners having RX Bars, rice cakes, beef jerky, cheese sticks, whatever you prefer will make snack time easier.

Cleaning, chances are with nesting habits strong you'll be set to go but... if not get a service in.

Final, back out of your house envisioning your return. You'll have your handful immediately, dirty laundry, extra baby supplies (stock up from the baby cart while in the hospital) and most importantly the new little pumpkin. You'll walk in knowing you've stage your first few days at home for success.


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